While our politicians continue to choose to ignore their constituents, we are seeking to commence a CLASS ACTION with regards to the unlawfulness of the States' and Territories' vaccine mandates and directives.



Please complete the form to register your interest in joining this class action. 

Our lawyer, Serene Teffaha from Advocate Me, will be representing the following:

  1. People who have been suspended or terminated from their employment, as well as people who have been threatened because of their refusal- based on all reasons whether religious, no safety studies, being pregnant etc.

  2. People who have been denied access to visiting a loved one, friend, or an associate at an aged care facility for their refusal.

  3. Coerced to take the flu vaccine despite not wanting to do so whether as part of work or visitation.

  4. People whose student placements have been threatened e.g. University graduate placement.

After submitting your case below, you will be contacted by our team, who will advise the subsequent steps.

We will also be setting out our strategy to all potential clients shortly and we will have a road map in relation to costs that will be involved. Given the numbers, the costs involved are likely to be minimal for each person and we are currently canvassing funders as well. So this will not be an obstacle. The most important thing is justice is achieved.


Please share this link and spread the word.

Serene's experience in litigation against Government shows that these issues need to be dealt with collectively. Strength in numbers. 



We also welcome people who want to provide research, administrative, financial or any other support. Click the Support button and complete the form.

Push Back Against Mandatory Medication in Australia

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